Matt Sullivan – Co-founding Partner
Matt Sullivan is a successful businessman with extensive expertise. Matt has experience starting and expanding companies from the ground up. With the help of his insightful experiences and the guidance of prominent figures in the field, he has refined his abilities to run businesses with resilience and efficacy.

Matt’s entrepreneurial adventure began with a Bachelor of Business Administration from UPEI. In 2009, he launched his first venture into the technology industry—a local online business directory at a time that pre-dates social media and when websites needed to be custom coded, this naturally led into developing a web design and social media marketing firm. Matt had also worked for several years at a custom software development company specializing in software products and customer software services for small and medium-sized businesses with an Atlantic Canada focus.

Matt has been firmly established in the global “inventory management software” space. His career went from a local nature to global when joining the Toronto office of TradeGecko, where he helped the company grow from a small startup to a thriving workforce of 180 before it was ultimately acquired by Intuit (QuickBooks). After working for TradeGecko, he became the first Canadian employee of the Estonian manufacturing and inventory management software business Katana Technologies. He was instrumental in growing the team from about thirty to over one hundred fifty members during his tenure, and helping thousands of small-medium sized businesses with their software stack.

Matt’s accomplishment in earning a Harvard Business School Online credential in Organizational Leadership indicates his dedication to professional and personal development. His approaches to business and go-to-market strategies, change management techniques, and decision-making processes have all improved due to this educational experience, giving him a more thorough understanding of business management.

His career is characterized by an everlasting desire and persistence that propel him to succeed and overcome challenges. His primary areas of expertise are business development and sales, change management, go-to-market tactics, process creation and enhancement, and building a world-class team that offers customers a better experience.

Chris Jacobs – Co-founding Partner
Meet Chris Jacobs, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in international business and entrepreneurship. Chris graduated from Emporia State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in international business.

In 2011, Chris embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in Estonia, starting with a small research manufacturing company focused on semiconductors for the power electronics industry. This experience laid the foundation for a venture into the extreme sports industry, where Chris founded a business producing specialty bearing oils. After successfully building and selling the company, Chris gained invaluable insights into entrepreneurship, scaling, and direct-to-consumer manufacturing with a global reach spanning over 30 countries.

Transitioning to the IT sector, Chris joined Pipedrive in its early stages, working in customer-facing roles and helping clients harness the power of cloud-based software, particularly the Pipedrive CRM. Chris’s passion for empowering entrepreneurs to be more efficient and productive led to a deep understanding of SaaS and its impact on modern business.

Chris’s journey continued as a key member of the founding team at a startup, Katana, where the fusion of entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and IT experience was instrumental in growing the company from a handful of employees to a team of over 150. As Head of Customer Experience, Chris led various teams, assisting manufacturing clients worldwide in implementing cloud-based inventory and manufacturing solutions.

Before partnering with Matt, Chris also contributed to Evocon, a global OEE software solution, helping manufacturing companies enhance processes, reduce waste, and boost productivity. Over the years, Chris has engaged with more than 2,000 business owners, providing solutions and support to help them thrive and succeed.Chris has a genuine passion for helping clients overcome challenges and elevate their businesses. If you’re seeking a collaborative partner with a wealth of experience, Chris looks forward to connecting and discussing how you can achieve your goals together.”