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ABX (short for “A Better Xperience”) is a new company founded by Matt Sullivan and Chris Jacobs with the mission to help small-medium sized businesses leverage cloud-based inventory software to the fullest.

Matt & Chris both had thousands of phone calls and meetings with SMB’s about the challenges of their tech stack, and the same recurring patterns emerged:

1. Challenges selecting the right tools when evaluating the sea of options out there (with each option having its set of pros and cons depending on the industry, workflow, tech stack, etc)

2. Not enough time and internal resources to focus on setting up each software tool quickly and effectively ensuring successful adoption by the team (all while juggling the main tasks of operating the business)

3. Each department may be using different systems but they all rely on each other’s data, so it is crucial for consistent data integrations among their software toolset to avoid bottlenecks and mistakes.

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